Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Porter's Life on Holidays - Again!

Oh deja vu, far out I can't believe I haven't got around to posting since the last holidays.....
Life is just so hectic I don't even have time to read blogs much let alone look after my own, I've been working full time, then doing Library stuff, and with that, the kids and the big move there hasn't been much time for computer leisure time!

So, hmmm what has happened since I posted last.

Angus started at the ELC - and is loving it, he's quite the social animal, enjoys yoga, woodwork, blocks and can write his name. His accident report tally is up to 4 in one term, Charlotte had one in 12 months!

We moved back "home", to a much nicer version of the old home. It's such a great house, layout is brilliant, Nick's enjoying his big new kitchen and the kids rooms are fantastic. Here's a couple of shots, these were taken before pictures were put up so it isn't quite how it looks now but you'll get an idea.

The kids had fun at school for bookweek, for something not very different Charlotte was a ballerina, and Angus was the cat in the hat obviously.

Charlotte had her 6th birthday, I had the day off and we had a lovely girly day together including lunch with the grandparents, then she had a ten pin bowling party which was fantastic on the Sunday, followed by a family lunch at the in laws place.
Since the last post she has lost both front teeth!

Whew! So now we (actually all Porter's except me :( ) are on holidays. Week 1 was quite eventful with Round 1 of Angus v Edge of Bath, resulting in 3 stitches to his chin and a trip to the Victor Harbor emergency department, but he's pretty impressed with his battle scar and was a real little trooper, stitches are out tomorrow.

So that's it for now! I really will try and update this more - sorry Dad!!

Take care and enjoy the holidays everyone xxx

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a Porter's Life on Holidays

I've been a slack blogger but for holidays it's been busy!
Weekend 1 was spent relaxing at Goolwa, until Charlotte broke a tooth and ended up in hospital on Wednesday having a general anaesthetic (as I once again praise the private health system, I got my money's worth again! I'm sure Charlotte would still be waiting to have it fixed if we didn't have it). It was a horrible traumatic week but motherjules once again admirably filled the gap so I worked full time that week and motherjules played fairy grandmother. As Grinder said, she should be cloned!
Weekend 2 saw Charlotte all better and we attended our first protest rally (yes I really did!) I'm over hearing about carbon emission trading bullshit just get some water down to Goolwa and the Lower Lakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of passionate locals (and city slickers like us) went out to support the town, the dairy farmers and local industry really suffering. I used to waterski on the lake and now it barely comes up to your ankles....

Work is continuing on the new house, here's a sneak peek inside, moving in approx 2 weeks yay!

I am pleased to report this week has been much more restful, Nick and I are kid free which has been wonderful, the little Porters are slumming it up at Sanctuary Cove(not!) in a harbourfront villa with the inlaws and are enjoying all the theme parks, the Hyatt swimming pool, going out to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cruising around Sanctuary Cove in their golf buggy. Stay tuned for photos when they get back on Sunday. I really miss my babies but it's been great to reconnect with Nicko and just spend time as a couple. I'm sure Nick's appreciated the extra attention he's got this week as well (ROFLMFAO!!!)
I even got to have lunch with mum today in town (kid free!). Angus starts at the Early Learning Centre at his school next week, am very much looking forward to my first flex day on Monday so we can get all prepared for his start at "big school" on Tuesday :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (nearly!)

I really think I should change my song to "Sing Hallelujah" by can't remember (big dancefloor hit in the 90's) for this one, but I think Queen needs to stay here a little longer....


I haven't mentioned my house for a while because it's taken so long I forgot about it, but now, here it i-i-s,ooooh there it i-i-is

We got the keys on exciting, alas we can't move in straight away as obviously it still needs all the landscaping and fencing done, the carpet and timber floorboards, the security system and the air conditioning (oh and all the new funky furniture and the new ipod needs to be loaded with all the "crap" songs lol), but it won't be long and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would show you shots of the inside but that concrete floor isn't doing the house any favours, so wait till the timber flooring and carpet goes in, you're all in for a treat!

Have a great week everyone! With the new legislative changes to child support finally kicking in on July 1 I'm going to be a busy little bunny at work.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Late Night Song Dedication for Jody

This is self-explanatory for Jody......
Although I'm not sure which bicycle I want to ride, probably the dragster.
Then again I'm not one for exercise so I might just go the bike seat burger, then go sit on the red couch after I eat my bargain Bicycle Seat Burger.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Motherjules xxx

It's A Porter's Life is proud to present the celebration marking the birthday of Motherjules.
Now she's one lucky lucky woman. Check out the 4 beautiful grandchildren, blowing bubbles and making wishes in their very own fairy garden, what more does a granny want?

Oh I know, she wants 2 beautiful children who married 2 lovely people

Something's missing, can you guess? Yes, well done, every good birthday needs a pinata (this photo is after Pirate Pete was unfortunately decapitated by Angus)

And at the end of a lovely birthday she loves to snuggle up to Poppa Ken

Happy Birthday Motherjules, hope you like the music, love always Dord xxx

Friday, June 13, 2008

"It's A Porter's Life" Late Night Song Dedications...

...insert crooney DJ voice here...........

Hey listeners, tonight's song is dedicated to 2 very special friends of DJ DB, namely Jacq and Grinder, who apparently don't like Bucks Fizz that much. So DJ DB hopes they enjoy "Queen". And if they don't they are dropped and can just listen to the words of this late night DB Dedication, then they can rack off and go listen to Celine Dion and look up munchhausens by pet proxy in the dictionary or somefink (ROFLMFAO)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Angus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My big fella is.....4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well he was 4 on Friday to be precise but this seems to be turning into a week long "Festival of Gus". Thanks to Motherjules for providing photos (and extra points for even working out how to email these piccies to me, cancels out her bagging Bucks Fizz :P).

Angus has been fired up for this birthday for quite some time. He was spoilt rotten as always with lots of lovely pressies from us and the ever doting grandparents.

It was a big week for the big 4 year old, with his orientation at St Andrew's Early Learning Centre, following in the footsteps of his big sister. He suddenly looks 10 in this photo!!! He fitted right in, it helped he will be in the same room as his partner's in crime and best friends the twins Harry and Ned (that's either Harry or Ned pictured below on the left, I can't tell them apart but Angus and Charlotte can). They have been grouped with all the other little brothers/sisters from Charlotte's class which is just fabulous. He has Charlotte's old ELC teacher who is absolutely lovely also so I'm one happy mummy!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

T's Tag!

Finally! Sorry, but I've been enoying a well deserved quiet weekend with the kids at Goolwa.

The divine Miss T tagged me to do this - my musical taste is acknowledged worldwide as being appalling, but hey I love my music. This was a fun tag to do! I can't think of anyone to tag so feel free to do this and let me know so I can have a look.

Opening credits: "Welcome to the Jungle" – Guns n Roses

Waking up: "It’s a Beautiful Day" – U2

Average day: "Born Slippy" - Trainspotting Soundtrack

First date: "Take on Me" - AHA

Falling in love: "Kissed By A Rose" - Seal

Love Scene: "For Just A Moment" - St Elmos Fire Soundtrack

Fight Scene: "Run Like Hell" – Pink Floyd

Breaking up: "I’m Still Standing" – Elton John

Getting back together: "Hard to Say I’m Sorry" - Chicago

Secret love: "Throw Your Arms Around Me" – Hunters and Collectors

Life’s ok: "Everything’s Alright" – Jesus Christ Superstar

Mental Breakdown: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" – Bonnie Tyler

Driving: "Take Me Home" – Phil Collins (or was it Genesis)

Learning a lesson: “Kissing a Fool” – George Michael

Deep thought: “Fools Overture” - Supertramp

Flashback: "Some Girls Will" - Racey

Partying: “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” - Meatloaf

Happy Dance: “Celebration” – Kylie Minogue

Regretting: "Father and Son" Elton John

Long night alone: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen (by the time that’s finished the long night will be just about done!)

Death Scene: “Who wants to live forever” - Queen

Closing Credits: “Let me entertain you” – Robbie Williams

There! Might have to go burn me a CD with all those most excellent songs on there.

Friday, May 30, 2008

1.Charlotte's Take on Religion 2.Good new song hey Sue

I have lots to blog about, mostly relating to how busy I am (stop the world I want to get off!!!!).

Anyway it's all good, work's brilliant, the new house is coming like Christmas, and I'm itching to do T's tag and will get to that over the weekend.

Blog post part 1.

One thing that stands out from this week is a comment from Charlotte, so much so that it requires it's own post, not just an updated "Quote of the Week"

Charlotte is at an Anglican school and has religion once a week. She came home from school this week night and announced

"Jesus died on the cross you know mum"

So I said "yes he did Charlotte do you know why?" (always thinking a bit of extension work is good even if it is Religion)

To which she answered

"because the 3 wise men didn't like babies"

Hmm I'm thinking she missed something along the line, my goodness it was just the funniest thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!

Blog Post Part 2

Meanwhile, just for Sue who can't handle my current song, I've given VERY careful consideration to a new song - since you don't like my last one Grinder, I hope you enjoy this one (ROFLMFAO of course, you know my musical taste is on a GIFTED level don't you)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Big Nicko is the Big 40!

We celebrated the big fella's 40th birthday with about 60 people at "Coopers Alehouse at the Earl", his brother's pub. It was brilliant! It's so great to catch up with all our mates from Nicko's school days, through rugby, new school friends, family and everything in between!
It was all going along nicely until the "Jaeger Bombs" made an appearance (for the uninitiated you drop a shot of Jagermeister into a red bull and skull it). Well let's just say we were all flying high after a few of those!
We may all be sufficiently recovered to drink alcohol for his real birthday tomorrow!
Here's some happy snaps from the night

The 3 brothers - Oliver, Julian and Nick

Motherjules looking more bedazzling than ever (my mum) with the in laws

Me, my best friend Sal and another gorgeous old friend from school Kath

And just a handful of the male talent on display :P
Nick ummed and aahed and procrastinated over having a party, so much so that in the end I just booked it for him, and I'm really glad I did, and so is he.

T, will get to that tag very soon that will be great fun and I loved yours :)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Respect The Moose

Well this was one of the new sayings that worked it's way into my already expansive vocabulary over the weekend.
Of course we had an excellent time, and it was just brilliant to meet lots of new people whom I have only dealt with on an old internet forum, via email and the phone.
Unfortunately I missed the trip to "Little Smarties" (yes Emma, it's a kids clothing shop, or should I say THE clothing shop in Melbourne)as I was working, but from what I can gather (and from the state of the girls when I arrived Friday night) they had an amazing time. Luckily I got Jacqui to do some proxy shopping for me so I didn't feel too left out.
So here they are, they look bloody happy, I thought they'd be all sulking because I wasn't there.....

Friday night we grabbed a bite to eat and knocked off way too many bottles of French Champagne, but were up bright and earlyish for brekkie and shopping on Saturday. I sent the group on a wild goose chase for a friggin Princess Beanie Kid which we never found.
Saturday night we went to the most amazing Cocktail Lounge in the old George's building called "The Long Room". It's amazing. Can't describe it, words can't do it justice so just go there and drink cocktails. We met the moose here, and got told off by the bouncers for not respecting the moose. We all have a newfound respect for mooses now.

Then we moved on to the most brilliant restaurant, I can't remember the name but it was silver service and the food was amazing as was the company. The waiter was wonderful and thought we were fabulous of course :P

The walk home after dinner was hilarious, fortunately for Sophie what goes on tour stays on tour.
Sunday morning we had another yummo late brekkie at Blue Train Cafe at Southbank, then we all toddled off home in the afternoon.

The next photo is dedicated to mine and Jacqu's hubbies, they are convinced we are lesbian lovers so let's not dispel that myth for them just yet!!!!!!!!

Chicks, I had an absolute ball and can't wait for next year!
I could blog on for hours about the weekend but I have a nasty cold and a big day at work tomorrow so I need to tuck myself and my snotty nose into bed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I really should be packing my bags for Melbourne (we'll get to that), but thought I'd check in to report on my first week at work.
WOW!!!! I LOVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's full on. FULL ON. So much to learn it's crazy, lucky I'm so bloody smart. But I am learning so much, it is awesome to be back in a team work environment again, and to come home to Nick at the end of the day and have something to talk about.
I don't love the hours, but once that magical flex time kicks in it will be great. I do love the Chinese man at the shop next door to work who shakes my hand and calls me beautiful and tells me he sends messages to my head. And I love that when I went in this morning he was playing "Dancing Queen" and this afternoon he had on "Somebody to Love". Awesome.
Anyway I have my first exam in the morning but I'm sure it will be fine, I really have concentrated this week and it is open book so I am confident I will pass.
The flipside, gosh I miss spending time with my kids, I think they are feeling it just as much as me. It will settle down, as mum said tonight she worked full time when I was growing up and we all managed, once again I am so lucky to have that family support. And Nick now finally appreciates what a pain in the arse drop offs and pick ups are since he is doing all of them!
Right so back to the Melbourne trip. This was organised last year, I booked in Feb to leave tomorrow morning, Murphy conspired and I had to change my flight till tomorrow night and I am very sad I miss out on a trip to "Little Smarties" tomorrow afternoon, however I have sent my proxy shopper Jacqui to get some stuff for me.
I can't wait. Girlie weekend!!!!!!!! I get to see my gorgeous mate Jacqu again, hook up again with Kristi and Janelle, and to meet Grinder (Sue), Toni, Sophie, Rosanne, Lisa, Tracey and Kate for the very first time! Can't wait. Bring it on Jedis :)
Okay so I am really going to pack my bags now, I hope Jacq bring spares of everything I will forget pmsl.
Bye for now xxxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The End of An Era aka The Big Last Wednesday

I start full time work next week. Ever since the kids were born I have pretty much worked 3-4 days a week, with 2 weeks holiday at Christmas.
Amongst all the business of being a working mum, Wednesdays were my day with the kids. Charlotte did Fairy Ballet, the kids went swimming, grocery shopping was done and both went to Kindergym with the best leader on the planet Trisha.
Today marked the last Wednesday (or mummy day as Gus calls it) before Mummy days get canned because I will be working. And I'm sad about it.
So this is a pity party post for me. I want to document our last mummy day for a while. This is totally lame because I deliberately chose a job with mega holidays and flexi time, so I'm sure it won't be long before Angus and I have another mummy day, it just won't necessarily be on a Wednesday.
So the morning began with a little sleep in, as Wednesdays do, as all we have to do is get Charlotte to school by 8:40am, cruisy as. I accidentally slammed Angus's foot in the school gate on the way out so he probably won't miss that!
We then went to Kmart, sorry make that "KMark". We go there to buy birthday presents, pjs, socks and jocks etc and somehow the little fella always manages to twist my rubber arm and get a toy, just a little toy, please mum I've been so good. Today was no exception. He was a great help carting those 6 bags of bean bag beans though. MIL has bought 2 divine new bean bags for the new house and we needed to get the beans to go with them. MIL is officially nutso buying more bean bags as this is what happened to a bean bag on Angus's birthday last year

On the way out he conned me into a ride on a jetski thing (as he always does, isn't working mother's guilt a fabulous thing?), and we found the horn on it, so Angus pressed it and yelled out at the top of his voice "MOVE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!". I was horrified and said "don't yell out rude words like that" and he replied with "but you say it when you beep your horn". Jeez kids make you laugh don't they.

We went to Kindergym, went to Hungry Jack's for lunch and booked his birthday party there at the same time, then watched telly together, picked up Charlotte and
came home.

I'm so lucky, and so is Gus, that my mum is picking up the slack so mummy day will be Granny day on Wednesdays now. She'll take him to kindergym and probably buy him 2 toys and give him 3 rides and he won't miss a thing.

But I'll miss our Wednesdays Gussy, love you xxxxx

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What the.......

hell is a Bumerang???? I was hanging up some washing (amazing in itself) and was trying to work out how to open this stupid funny looking coathanger. Worked that out, then saw "Bumerang". What is that - a bum hanger or can those Scandinavians not spell boomerang??
Buggered if I know, but it did make me laugh, which hurt my head. I had my 20 year school reunion last night which was all time. But I came home without my camera and am hoping hoping hoping it is still at school. So post to follow when camera turns up. The funniest thing of the whole night was watching 2 fellow students looking very cosy having a pash. Nothing that unusual, except it was an all girls school........

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New House, New Job, New Term

Ah as Mr T would say - or was it the old grey dude on the A Team "I love it when a plan comes together".
Right, so, this week I was a little bit stoked to find out I got a new job. When the decision was initally made to sell the business back in January, I had a bit of a think about what I would do next. I couldn't go past being a public servant with the great flexible hours, insane superannuation contributions etc. So mission "Georgie wants to be a public servant cos it will rock" quest began in earnest. I was going great guns for a job at the Tax Office until in a typical waste of our taxpayer money style, the position I was going for was held off until next financial year as the budget had run out and no positions would be offered until July at the earliest when it was supposed to start mid May. Crazy. The recruitment costs to do 3 hour behavioural assessments on people for a position that isn't there is just mental.
So I applied for another one with a different agency and bugger me I got it! This one starts 12th May, so bye bye libraries hello someone who pays me a salary that pays our mortgages, sweet as a nut.
Meanwhile down on the library farm, Nick has bravely committed to running that on his own, I actually think he will do really well without the interference from his lovely but impatient and dominant wife.
I've worked with Nick day in day out, popping kids out in between, for 6 and a half years. I cannot WAIT to come home so I can say "hey Nicko how was your day?" and he can say "it sucked but yeah how was yours?". Awesome.
The only downside to this job is that blardy Murphy. For months I have organised to catch up with some lovely girlies in Melboring from 16-18 May and had my flight booked months ago for 10am Friday 16th May. I could chuck a sickie but ethically I just can't. Don't worry, I'll be getting tanked on the plane and getting to our apartments as fast as that plane and taxi will carry me.
Now back to that house we are building. It's apparently about 4 weeks until we get the keys. So we have madly organised landscaping (inadvertantly copying the Watsford driveway), flooring, air conditioning, flowers and shit for the garden, and the great debate over the new vacuum cleaner.
So here it is so far, I hope I didn't choose a pink eave and green door, pretty sure that's not finished yet. And there's some fancy spires and shit to go on methinks

This is our, whoops I mean Nick's kitchen, which I must say looks completely boring and lame but once we have that nice blue splashback thing, the stainless steel stuff that cooks, cleans stuff and keeps my wine cold, and that timber flooring, I rection its gonna look a bit of alright.

As for the rugrats, Charlotte went back to school on Tuesday, she had a fantastic holiday spending lots of time with the doting grannies. Here she is out the front of the in laws place, hard to believe she's been at school since July last year and is going great guns, especially in the monkey bar department which I think is vitally important, she's a champion!

And so the Gus Man isn't left out, here's a piccie of my gorgeous boy, don't try and copy the outfit, he's dressed exclusively by "Watsford Hand Me Downs" boutique

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

These are the rules:

Link the person who tagged you
Mention the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

This is my first try at tagging too! The lovely Grinder, alias Sue wants me to come up with 6 quirky things about me. I really don't think I'm quirky but here goes, you decide!!!

1. I don't drink coffee or tea. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste. I cannot however last longer than 10am without a carton of Farmers Union Iced Coffee. Here in SA we drink more of this stuff than Coca Cola. The downside of this stuff is that it is loaded with calories, on the bright side I will NEVER get osteoporosis with my calcium intake.

Until recently it was very difficult to purchase this interstate, I still remember finding a 2 litre bottle of it in the Nowra Woollies a few years ago, finding that on the shelf was the closest thing I've had to a religious experience!

2. I like to play with grammar. Kate F doesn't call my writing a "grammar rodeo" for nothing! In fact, I muck around with it so much I forget (whoops - have forgotten) the right way to write things most of the time. For example, I am even blonde, and tonight I unknocked off none Rockfords Alicante Bouchet (alias Rockford's Cordial) with one of my bridesmaids.

3. I am a spelling Nazi. Bad spelling shits me no end. I am still spewing I came second in the Year 9 spelling competition because I spelt "interchangeable" wrong.

4. I very very rarely cook, like maybe 3 times a year if that.

5. I check the birth notices in "The Advertiser" every Saturday to see how many Charlottes and Anguses are in there.

6. I never used to clean my teeth in the shower until I met Nick. Brushing my teeth in warm water seemed revolting. Now I do it all the time.

Hmmm I just re read them and have decided I am actually a nutjob.

Let me get back to you on who I tag cos I think Sue pinched all the ones I thought of!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mum's "No Presents!" Present

My mum is hard to buy for, because she has lots of stuff (understatement!). Ken refers to her handbags and shoes as her superannuation fund to give you an idea.....
So for Mother's Day this year I decided to call upon the talents of Lisa at GigglenGroove. Lisa is funny as all get up, has 3 gorgeous kids and makes the best jewellery and hair bows going around. Go visit her website, I'm sure you won't be able to leave without getting something!
So the talented Lisa got to work with my oh so not very specific design criteria (I am as creative as a dead fish remember), and came up with the perfect bracelet on the first go. It has all 4 of her grandchildren's names on it, and I told my sister in law if she has another kid she can pay for the alteration!

So a couple of weeks ago mum sprouts "I don't want ANY presents for Mothers Day this year I don't need anything". Yeah ripper mum I'd just organised the bracelet.
Sooooooooooo, I gave it to mum today so she gets NOTHING for Mother's Day as requested.
Of course she loved it and I am now her favourite daughter. The fact I am her only daughter is irrelevant.
Mum, you do so much for us, put your life on hold for us, and you are always there for us. And you are so much fun, I bet not too many of my friends have their favourite wedding memory being their mother dancing on stage with the band, tapping your shoes above your head! And like that time in Noosa when you.......ah just kidding I won't tell that story :)
So happy "No presents day", love you xxxxxx

Friday, April 11, 2008

When the Big Fella wasn't quite so big!

I've been organising invitations for Nick's 40th extravaganza coming up in May and scanning all these old photos. They've cracked me up!
Being the youngest of 3 boys, we did struggle to find baby photos!

This was taken by Nick's brother with a Box Brownie

The budding rugby star who turned into State Union Captain

And no self respecting rugby boy wouldn't have a photo of himself in drag "Miss Collegian 1998"

Charlotte commented on his hair being a different colour in all these photos, I guess I've turned him grey and larger, how do I get the big fella back to looking like this?? I think that stuff in the brown bottle was the beginning of the end of all that!