Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a Porter's Life on Holidays

I've been a slack blogger but for holidays it's been busy!
Weekend 1 was spent relaxing at Goolwa, until Charlotte broke a tooth and ended up in hospital on Wednesday having a general anaesthetic (as I once again praise the private health system, I got my money's worth again! I'm sure Charlotte would still be waiting to have it fixed if we didn't have it). It was a horrible traumatic week but motherjules once again admirably filled the gap so I worked full time that week and motherjules played fairy grandmother. As Grinder said, she should be cloned!
Weekend 2 saw Charlotte all better and we attended our first protest rally (yes I really did!) I'm over hearing about carbon emission trading bullshit just get some water down to Goolwa and the Lower Lakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of passionate locals (and city slickers like us) went out to support the town, the dairy farmers and local industry really suffering. I used to waterski on the lake and now it barely comes up to your ankles....

Work is continuing on the new house, here's a sneak peek inside, moving in approx 2 weeks yay!

I am pleased to report this week has been much more restful, Nick and I are kid free which has been wonderful, the little Porters are slumming it up at Sanctuary Cove(not!) in a harbourfront villa with the inlaws and are enjoying all the theme parks, the Hyatt swimming pool, going out to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cruising around Sanctuary Cove in their golf buggy. Stay tuned for photos when they get back on Sunday. I really miss my babies but it's been great to reconnect with Nicko and just spend time as a couple. I'm sure Nick's appreciated the extra attention he's got this week as well (ROFLMFAO!!!)
I even got to have lunch with mum today in town (kid free!). Angus starts at the Early Learning Centre at his school next week, am very much looking forward to my first flex day on Monday so we can get all prepared for his start at "big school" on Tuesday :)