Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Porter's Life on Holidays - Again!

Oh deja vu, far out I can't believe I haven't got around to posting since the last holidays.....
Life is just so hectic I don't even have time to read blogs much let alone look after my own, I've been working full time, then doing Library stuff, and with that, the kids and the big move there hasn't been much time for computer leisure time!

So, hmmm what has happened since I posted last.

Angus started at the ELC - and is loving it, he's quite the social animal, enjoys yoga, woodwork, blocks and can write his name. His accident report tally is up to 4 in one term, Charlotte had one in 12 months!

We moved back "home", to a much nicer version of the old home. It's such a great house, layout is brilliant, Nick's enjoying his big new kitchen and the kids rooms are fantastic. Here's a couple of shots, these were taken before pictures were put up so it isn't quite how it looks now but you'll get an idea.

The kids had fun at school for bookweek, for something not very different Charlotte was a ballerina, and Angus was the cat in the hat obviously.

Charlotte had her 6th birthday, I had the day off and we had a lovely girly day together including lunch with the grandparents, then she had a ten pin bowling party which was fantastic on the Sunday, followed by a family lunch at the in laws place.
Since the last post she has lost both front teeth!

Whew! So now we (actually all Porter's except me :( ) are on holidays. Week 1 was quite eventful with Round 1 of Angus v Edge of Bath, resulting in 3 stitches to his chin and a trip to the Victor Harbor emergency department, but he's pretty impressed with his battle scar and was a real little trooper, stitches are out tomorrow.

So that's it for now! I really will try and update this more - sorry Dad!!

Take care and enjoy the holidays everyone xxx