Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (nearly!)

I really think I should change my song to "Sing Hallelujah" by can't remember (big dancefloor hit in the 90's) for this one, but I think Queen needs to stay here a little longer....


I haven't mentioned my house for a while because it's taken so long I forgot about it, but now, here it i-i-s,ooooh there it i-i-is

We got the keys on exciting, alas we can't move in straight away as obviously it still needs all the landscaping and fencing done, the carpet and timber floorboards, the security system and the air conditioning (oh and all the new funky furniture and the new ipod needs to be loaded with all the "crap" songs lol), but it won't be long and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would show you shots of the inside but that concrete floor isn't doing the house any favours, so wait till the timber flooring and carpet goes in, you're all in for a treat!

Have a great week everyone! With the new legislative changes to child support finally kicking in on July 1 I'm going to be a busy little bunny at work.


Toni said...

Oooooooooh loverly G !!! Looks great , you must be so excited :) Love the facade and colours Cannot wait to have a peek inside especially at the workbench and room surrounds PMSL or is that ROFLMAO ;)

Kaz said...

Woohoo G...Looks fab!!

Kate said...

I love it - how exciting for you!!!