Friday, May 30, 2008

1.Charlotte's Take on Religion 2.Good new song hey Sue

I have lots to blog about, mostly relating to how busy I am (stop the world I want to get off!!!!).

Anyway it's all good, work's brilliant, the new house is coming like Christmas, and I'm itching to do T's tag and will get to that over the weekend.

Blog post part 1.

One thing that stands out from this week is a comment from Charlotte, so much so that it requires it's own post, not just an updated "Quote of the Week"

Charlotte is at an Anglican school and has religion once a week. She came home from school this week night and announced

"Jesus died on the cross you know mum"

So I said "yes he did Charlotte do you know why?" (always thinking a bit of extension work is good even if it is Religion)

To which she answered

"because the 3 wise men didn't like babies"

Hmm I'm thinking she missed something along the line, my goodness it was just the funniest thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!

Blog Post Part 2

Meanwhile, just for Sue who can't handle my current song, I've given VERY careful consideration to a new song - since you don't like my last one Grinder, I hope you enjoy this one (ROFLMFAO of course, you know my musical taste is on a GIFTED level don't you)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Big Nicko is the Big 40!

We celebrated the big fella's 40th birthday with about 60 people at "Coopers Alehouse at the Earl", his brother's pub. It was brilliant! It's so great to catch up with all our mates from Nicko's school days, through rugby, new school friends, family and everything in between!
It was all going along nicely until the "Jaeger Bombs" made an appearance (for the uninitiated you drop a shot of Jagermeister into a red bull and skull it). Well let's just say we were all flying high after a few of those!
We may all be sufficiently recovered to drink alcohol for his real birthday tomorrow!
Here's some happy snaps from the night

The 3 brothers - Oliver, Julian and Nick

Motherjules looking more bedazzling than ever (my mum) with the in laws

Me, my best friend Sal and another gorgeous old friend from school Kath

And just a handful of the male talent on display :P
Nick ummed and aahed and procrastinated over having a party, so much so that in the end I just booked it for him, and I'm really glad I did, and so is he.

T, will get to that tag very soon that will be great fun and I loved yours :)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Respect The Moose

Well this was one of the new sayings that worked it's way into my already expansive vocabulary over the weekend.
Of course we had an excellent time, and it was just brilliant to meet lots of new people whom I have only dealt with on an old internet forum, via email and the phone.
Unfortunately I missed the trip to "Little Smarties" (yes Emma, it's a kids clothing shop, or should I say THE clothing shop in Melbourne)as I was working, but from what I can gather (and from the state of the girls when I arrived Friday night) they had an amazing time. Luckily I got Jacqui to do some proxy shopping for me so I didn't feel too left out.
So here they are, they look bloody happy, I thought they'd be all sulking because I wasn't there.....

Friday night we grabbed a bite to eat and knocked off way too many bottles of French Champagne, but were up bright and earlyish for brekkie and shopping on Saturday. I sent the group on a wild goose chase for a friggin Princess Beanie Kid which we never found.
Saturday night we went to the most amazing Cocktail Lounge in the old George's building called "The Long Room". It's amazing. Can't describe it, words can't do it justice so just go there and drink cocktails. We met the moose here, and got told off by the bouncers for not respecting the moose. We all have a newfound respect for mooses now.

Then we moved on to the most brilliant restaurant, I can't remember the name but it was silver service and the food was amazing as was the company. The waiter was wonderful and thought we were fabulous of course :P

The walk home after dinner was hilarious, fortunately for Sophie what goes on tour stays on tour.
Sunday morning we had another yummo late brekkie at Blue Train Cafe at Southbank, then we all toddled off home in the afternoon.

The next photo is dedicated to mine and Jacqu's hubbies, they are convinced we are lesbian lovers so let's not dispel that myth for them just yet!!!!!!!!

Chicks, I had an absolute ball and can't wait for next year!
I could blog on for hours about the weekend but I have a nasty cold and a big day at work tomorrow so I need to tuck myself and my snotty nose into bed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I really should be packing my bags for Melbourne (we'll get to that), but thought I'd check in to report on my first week at work.
WOW!!!! I LOVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's full on. FULL ON. So much to learn it's crazy, lucky I'm so bloody smart. But I am learning so much, it is awesome to be back in a team work environment again, and to come home to Nick at the end of the day and have something to talk about.
I don't love the hours, but once that magical flex time kicks in it will be great. I do love the Chinese man at the shop next door to work who shakes my hand and calls me beautiful and tells me he sends messages to my head. And I love that when I went in this morning he was playing "Dancing Queen" and this afternoon he had on "Somebody to Love". Awesome.
Anyway I have my first exam in the morning but I'm sure it will be fine, I really have concentrated this week and it is open book so I am confident I will pass.
The flipside, gosh I miss spending time with my kids, I think they are feeling it just as much as me. It will settle down, as mum said tonight she worked full time when I was growing up and we all managed, once again I am so lucky to have that family support. And Nick now finally appreciates what a pain in the arse drop offs and pick ups are since he is doing all of them!
Right so back to the Melbourne trip. This was organised last year, I booked in Feb to leave tomorrow morning, Murphy conspired and I had to change my flight till tomorrow night and I am very sad I miss out on a trip to "Little Smarties" tomorrow afternoon, however I have sent my proxy shopper Jacqui to get some stuff for me.
I can't wait. Girlie weekend!!!!!!!! I get to see my gorgeous mate Jacqu again, hook up again with Kristi and Janelle, and to meet Grinder (Sue), Toni, Sophie, Rosanne, Lisa, Tracey and Kate for the very first time! Can't wait. Bring it on Jedis :)
Okay so I am really going to pack my bags now, I hope Jacq bring spares of everything I will forget pmsl.
Bye for now xxxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The End of An Era aka The Big Last Wednesday

I start full time work next week. Ever since the kids were born I have pretty much worked 3-4 days a week, with 2 weeks holiday at Christmas.
Amongst all the business of being a working mum, Wednesdays were my day with the kids. Charlotte did Fairy Ballet, the kids went swimming, grocery shopping was done and both went to Kindergym with the best leader on the planet Trisha.
Today marked the last Wednesday (or mummy day as Gus calls it) before Mummy days get canned because I will be working. And I'm sad about it.
So this is a pity party post for me. I want to document our last mummy day for a while. This is totally lame because I deliberately chose a job with mega holidays and flexi time, so I'm sure it won't be long before Angus and I have another mummy day, it just won't necessarily be on a Wednesday.
So the morning began with a little sleep in, as Wednesdays do, as all we have to do is get Charlotte to school by 8:40am, cruisy as. I accidentally slammed Angus's foot in the school gate on the way out so he probably won't miss that!
We then went to Kmart, sorry make that "KMark". We go there to buy birthday presents, pjs, socks and jocks etc and somehow the little fella always manages to twist my rubber arm and get a toy, just a little toy, please mum I've been so good. Today was no exception. He was a great help carting those 6 bags of bean bag beans though. MIL has bought 2 divine new bean bags for the new house and we needed to get the beans to go with them. MIL is officially nutso buying more bean bags as this is what happened to a bean bag on Angus's birthday last year

On the way out he conned me into a ride on a jetski thing (as he always does, isn't working mother's guilt a fabulous thing?), and we found the horn on it, so Angus pressed it and yelled out at the top of his voice "MOVE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!". I was horrified and said "don't yell out rude words like that" and he replied with "but you say it when you beep your horn". Jeez kids make you laugh don't they.

We went to Kindergym, went to Hungry Jack's for lunch and booked his birthday party there at the same time, then watched telly together, picked up Charlotte and
came home.

I'm so lucky, and so is Gus, that my mum is picking up the slack so mummy day will be Granny day on Wednesdays now. She'll take him to kindergym and probably buy him 2 toys and give him 3 rides and he won't miss a thing.

But I'll miss our Wednesdays Gussy, love you xxxxx

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What the.......

hell is a Bumerang???? I was hanging up some washing (amazing in itself) and was trying to work out how to open this stupid funny looking coathanger. Worked that out, then saw "Bumerang". What is that - a bum hanger or can those Scandinavians not spell boomerang??
Buggered if I know, but it did make me laugh, which hurt my head. I had my 20 year school reunion last night which was all time. But I came home without my camera and am hoping hoping hoping it is still at school. So post to follow when camera turns up. The funniest thing of the whole night was watching 2 fellow students looking very cosy having a pash. Nothing that unusual, except it was an all girls school........

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New House, New Job, New Term

Ah as Mr T would say - or was it the old grey dude on the A Team "I love it when a plan comes together".
Right, so, this week I was a little bit stoked to find out I got a new job. When the decision was initally made to sell the business back in January, I had a bit of a think about what I would do next. I couldn't go past being a public servant with the great flexible hours, insane superannuation contributions etc. So mission "Georgie wants to be a public servant cos it will rock" quest began in earnest. I was going great guns for a job at the Tax Office until in a typical waste of our taxpayer money style, the position I was going for was held off until next financial year as the budget had run out and no positions would be offered until July at the earliest when it was supposed to start mid May. Crazy. The recruitment costs to do 3 hour behavioural assessments on people for a position that isn't there is just mental.
So I applied for another one with a different agency and bugger me I got it! This one starts 12th May, so bye bye libraries hello someone who pays me a salary that pays our mortgages, sweet as a nut.
Meanwhile down on the library farm, Nick has bravely committed to running that on his own, I actually think he will do really well without the interference from his lovely but impatient and dominant wife.
I've worked with Nick day in day out, popping kids out in between, for 6 and a half years. I cannot WAIT to come home so I can say "hey Nicko how was your day?" and he can say "it sucked but yeah how was yours?". Awesome.
The only downside to this job is that blardy Murphy. For months I have organised to catch up with some lovely girlies in Melboring from 16-18 May and had my flight booked months ago for 10am Friday 16th May. I could chuck a sickie but ethically I just can't. Don't worry, I'll be getting tanked on the plane and getting to our apartments as fast as that plane and taxi will carry me.
Now back to that house we are building. It's apparently about 4 weeks until we get the keys. So we have madly organised landscaping (inadvertantly copying the Watsford driveway), flooring, air conditioning, flowers and shit for the garden, and the great debate over the new vacuum cleaner.
So here it is so far, I hope I didn't choose a pink eave and green door, pretty sure that's not finished yet. And there's some fancy spires and shit to go on methinks

This is our, whoops I mean Nick's kitchen, which I must say looks completely boring and lame but once we have that nice blue splashback thing, the stainless steel stuff that cooks, cleans stuff and keeps my wine cold, and that timber flooring, I rection its gonna look a bit of alright.

As for the rugrats, Charlotte went back to school on Tuesday, she had a fantastic holiday spending lots of time with the doting grannies. Here she is out the front of the in laws place, hard to believe she's been at school since July last year and is going great guns, especially in the monkey bar department which I think is vitally important, she's a champion!

And so the Gus Man isn't left out, here's a piccie of my gorgeous boy, don't try and copy the outfit, he's dressed exclusively by "Watsford Hand Me Downs" boutique