Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

...I think I'm early on this one :) but I have lost track of the days, man that feels goooooood! Apart from missing Survivor that is cos I thought it was Friday dammmmmit!

Tomorrow we are off to Yorkes to celebrate the New Year with my best friend Sal, 5 other schoolmates, their hubbies and a few thousand kids and dogs. Gonna be chaos but can't wait. I've been mates with these girls since school days, over 20 years, love them all to death - we know all too well our strengths and weaknesses - which is why I am in charge of snacks! Yep I won't have to go near the kitchen except to open chips, nuts, dips etc, smart girl that Sal :).

So Happy New Year to you all, may your year be filled with good times! I actually can't wait for 2008, new house to move into in June, maybe a change of work, it's all good!

Here is a piccie of the school gang from September when we went off for a girly week to Pt Douglas......luckily I wasn't blogging then cos there are a few thousand funny stories out of that trip! They'll all be there except for Joana (the ugly one front left :P), who would probably rather poke her eye out with a hot stick than be there! She'll be poshing it up somewhere else xxx

Friday, December 28, 2007

Glorious Goolwa

The Porter clan is currently enjoying its summer sojourn at our beloved Goolwa. About 5 years ago in a freakin' stroke of absolute genius we bought a block of land dirt cheap, thinking one day we would be able to afford to put a little house on it. Fortunately with house prices going nuts it came to us earlier than expected and we had our first stay when Charlotte was 15 months old.

So many fun times to be had down here - even mowing the lawns makes the Porter lads happy, the beach is 1km away, the lake, the Coorong, Victor Harbor, Murray Mouth etc all within a stone's throw, and Nick can indulge in his new passion (official title is "Windsurfing Wanker") all the time.

We plan on enjoying this joint for years and years (until Charlotte trashes it when she finishes Year 12 on Schoolies Week - and if she doesn't you can bet your butt Angus will)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My New Year's Resolution Starts Early!

Okay - so for ages I have really been wanting to start a blog.I'm crap at New Year's Resolutions and generally think they are a load of bollocks, one year it was to learn to drink beer...I tried so hard....still hate it.New Years Resolutions set you up for failure, except for that one year in my early 20s when my resolutions were to drink more booze and have more sex. Mission accomplished.I spend hours reading lots of other people's blogs. Many is the time I think this is a really cool way to charter life, kids, etc etc so one day I can look back and say "wow we did/didn't do a lot", wow the kids have grown, wow I started with all those posts and now I write bugger all.....This blog is really just for me, selfish git I am, but hey who knows where it will take me......

So, most nice blogs I read have this is me and my lovely (sometimes) hubby Nick. He's my perfect match really, he is tidy - I'm a slob; he can cook - I don't (not can't, just don't); he is a communicator and I bottle things up; he's a great dad - I'm a good mum if I do say so myself, there so see - perfect!

Now for our all consuming rugrats, Charlotte and Angus, love them to bits, drive me nuts, give me endless hours of pleasure, although if I hear Angus say "why" one more time today.....Oh I could go on for hours with this blog thing, but there's a laundry basket full of clothes giving me the evils.......