Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me.....

...happy birthday to me
36 you old fart-eeee
happy birthday to me.......

Blardy hell, 36, just as well I'm all mature and sensible now. Um......

27/2/72 (cool huh! same backwards as forwards) Georgina Louise entered the world on a Sunday - shit maybe I am the messiah and not just a very naughty girl, at Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide as the bells were ringing at St Peter's Cathedral (well that's how mum tells it). I was very cherished, and was taken home from the hospital in a Mini with no brakes.

But we made it home obviously and 36 years later I am here still.

I am Pisces, drink like a fish so that's right. Chinese New Year sign is a rat, yeppers I can be pretty cunning when I want to be.

Today will be a day of massive celebration befitting a nondescript age on a Wednesday, including taking Charlotte to school, taking Angus to kindergym, picking Charlotte up from school and checking out the new house. Ah well on the bright side I don't have to work.

36 years of action packed fun and adventure, with a great family and fantastic friends. Here's to (at least) 36 more!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Everyone's A Comedian

"It's A Porter's Life" is proud to present its "Comedian of the Week" Awards. 3rd place goes to my Mother In Law who bought these for Angus yesterday with a "sorry they are purple" (she's not sorry she thinks it's hilarious)

2nd prize is awarded to Nick who came back from his week in Mt Gambier with this gorgeous little creation for Angus

1st prize goes to my mother aka buyer of the hideous shoes. She's enjoying her new role and rang me before she went to Kmart as I hadn't packed any shoes for Angus so hahahaha she was going to get some for him herself. She rang back later announcing they really weren't that bad and giggling away because they cost the princely sum of $3.

In other Porter news, Charlotte lost tooth number 2 this morning, the operation was fine but keeping her still is a problem......John and Joe are still plugging away at the bricks on the new house and I reckon they'll be finished any month now.

Have a great weekend everyone! I've chosen an old favourite song this week while I'm in soundtrack mode.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where's Spot?

Okay no prizes for finding it

The Aryan Princess is having plastic surgery tomorrow to remove her "beauty spot". She was born with it, and it has never been an issue with me, but since she started kindy and wore bathers etc it has drawn attention from other kids. There was a major meltdown last year when a classmate saw it and told her she had cancer and was going to die!

Thankfully we have an excellent plastic surgeon who removed a bone growth (masterfully) from Angus's head when he was 1, so she's into a cushy private hospital tomorrow for day surgery. She's so excited about going to hostible "cos that brown spot that I hate hate hate hate hate hate is going" it's just bizarre.....

So stay tuned for the after pics! I'm sure her Dr will do a masterful job again as her kids go to Charlotte's school and I know where to find her if it scars.......

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ah that's better

Loooooooong hot day......Nick's away all this week for work so I'm playing single mum. To assist with my various shortcomings in being a single fulltime working mum, compounded by 2 hours of road rage a day while driving through ridiculous traffic because of the blardy touring car race which has seen half the streets of Adelaide close.....well I've done what any sane single mum would do and that's run home to mummy's house. Well her spare house. Well actually I call it Jules's private kindy cos she is a retired kindergarten director and it's all set up for kiddy fun!
Gawd it's been nice, mum's labelled it my respite week. Here at mum's you don't have to go up and down stairs a million times a day, take half an hour to find the kids and worry about crumbs dropping on the ultra clean floor of the ultra clean house that is the in-laws place.
Oh no, last night we created havoc - I masterfully cooked a McCains pizza while masterfully knocking off a bottle of wine, the kids played with Play-Doh inside, painted in the kitchen, pulled out every toy they own and generally had a lovely relaxing time. And tonight I really outdid myself and made gourmet schnitzels with eggs and chocolate thickshakes while the kids ripped out more toys and books.
And now they are asleep, and I've been tidying up - kinda - mum's coming down in the morning to look after Angus while I work. Sorry in advance for the mess mum xxx

Friday, February 15, 2008

Remembering Ash Wednesday

...if you were alive in SA or Vic in 1983 you can't forget that day, try as you might. Yet again the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" rang true this morning as I awoke, feeling a bit grumpy that my bricklayers have laid the sum total of 50 bricks (and that is a generous count) in 3 days. As I wandered past the telly into the shower I hear "Sunrise" discussing the fact that tomorrow marks 25 years since Ash Wednesday.
Slap to the head for Georgie as all thoughts of bricks were forgotten (crikey they'll get them laid eventually you twit), and as I had my shower (ignore potential visuals they ain't pretty), I remembered.
16th February 1983. I was 11 and in my last year of primary school. We went home from school at lunchtime as it was so hot. My aunty Miffy picked us up and we went back to their place. That day had a strange feeling. I remember being in the pool with my brother and cousins. The sky was a funny colour and it was really windy. And ridiculously hot - 43 degrees.
Gradually events unfolded.
Mum picked us up after work and we went home. From my house in the Adelaide foothills you could see the flames making their way down the hill towards Waterfall Gully. Mum had to go to a committee meeting and I starkly recall her collecting our photographs for us if we had to evacuate before she returned. She left them in a red box on our dining room table, funny how you remember things like that isn't it?
Thankfully for us that didn't eventuate. However, 75 lives were lost that day in SA and Victoria, 257,000 livestock in SA and close to 3000 homes were lost in both states.
I returned to school the next day and 2 of my classmates had lost their homes. A girl had lost her life in the year level I was to enter at high school the next year. As well as her mother who was a teacher at that school. Her best friend Sal became my best friend in the years to come. Sal said once that Erin was a lot like me. I wish I had the chance to meet Erin. Perhaps things happen for a reason like that..............
I've changed my song again, I adore the Soundtrack from "The Mission" (although how embarrassment I've never seen the movie!). The composer of that, Ennio Morricone is a wonderful composer, he wrote soundtracks for Kill Bill, The Last of the Mohicans and the Godfather.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello Mr Roof!

Nice to see you, now if you could get Mr Brick and his mates to start climbing up the walls I'd really appreciate it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Girls Night Out - "Miss Saigon"

Right I will pre-empt this post by saying my mum now reads my blog! Bear with her, soon she'll work out how to post a comment! She rang me in hysterics about the Wiggles sandals and purple Crocs post - and wondered why I failed to mention the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Bob the Builder sneakers, and Charlotte's Barbie sneakers. I'd pretty much blocked them out of my mind that's why.

Anyway enough about the "shoes", as a Christmas present (NOT birthday mum!!) she bought us tickets to see "Miss Saigon". Now I love a good musical but I did not know much about this one and my knowledge of the Vietnam War is rather appalling. We had a lovely dinner before complete with a bottle of wine, then headed over to the Festival Theatre. Our seats were brilliant and what a show! We both loved it. How can you not love a show with these dudes in the lead???

We had lots of laughs as we do when we get together (which is often, but not often without the kids), and I have a great story to tell you all about mum sneaking into the Broadmeadows army base in the 60s - nah don't worry I won't elaborate Jules xxx
So in honour of my awesome night out with my awesome mum I've changed the song, now don't lie and pretend you don't love a good showtune every now and then!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back to School Tra La Tra La!

And about time too. Charlotte is a BIG reception now, oh yes, 6 months at school and she is telling me how she is going to help those little kids starting school today because she is such a BIG reception! She was busting to get back to school and see her beloved teacher Miss H, get reacquainted with those monkey bars, and see the friends she didn't see during the holidays who will be "missing her so much"!